Train Your Team for the Ozone Revolution

Ozone Therapy Training

For Dental Office Teams

Most dentists in America have heard of ozone treatment, but they haven’t made the transition to using these powerful tools.

Why? It’s not easy; it can be expensive without proper advice; and it’s difficult to train your team on the proper use.

And that’s totally unnecessary! Because adding ozone to your practice can be one of the simplest and most profitable ways to boost your patient outcomes AND profitability.

I’m Dr. Eric Zaremski, and I train dental offices to use cutting-edge ozone modalities. Having a broader range of treatment options can improve outcomes for your patients and add new revenue models for your practice.

Dr. Eric Zaremski trains dental offices to use ozone therapies

Want to start using Ozone in Your Practice?

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What is it like…

to get whole-office ozone training?
Dr. Zaremski Explains in this short video:

Ozone Therapy Dental Office Equipment

Get Trained with World-leading Equipment to:

  • Save more healthy tissues
  • Eliminate infections
  • Position you as a leader in your region

How will you benefit from ozone?

It has been an absolute game-changer for my practice and the other offices I’ve trained. Here are some of the advantages you’ll gain by adding ozone to your dental procedures:

  • Improved dental techniques- less trauma to teeth & gums, to patient psyche, a gentler, kinder approach
  • Decreased healing time–some say three times faster healing
  • Desensitization of teeth forever
  • Reduced pathogen load in the mouth, teeth and gums
  • Microbial control- pathogen reduction in sulci and in dentinal tubules
  • Cleaner surfaces to bond to for restorations
  • Improved sealing of dental materials and reduce in leaching of dental materials

Train the Entire Team

Ozone therapies can be used by every member of your team! Ozone gas can be applied topically. Ozonated oils can also be applied topically and given to patients for their home care. Ozonated water can help disinfect your water lines, used to wipe down surfaces with 99.9% pathogen kill rate, used to sterilize your instruments and to rinse patient’s mouths during dental procedures.

Ozone Charges!!!

The biggest ROI for ozone that I have found is that it creates a huge referral base of new patients. You can certainly charge more for services that involve ozone therapies. Or you bundle it into your existing charges. Ozone provides a much gentler way of delivering dentistry. When patients feel the benefits of ozone being applied in their mouth (they say that it feels cleaner, less pain, less discomfort, better outcomes) they are more apt to understand the true value of it. Remember that you should be paid for your time, knowledge and skills!

My Background

With over 15 years of utilizing ozone therapies in my own practice, I have taken everyone’s courses and learned from them different styles of applying ozone  in dentistry. I like to teach you everything so that you can choose which techniques resonate for you. I would hope that you would use ozone therapies on all of your patients every day!

My Approach

I come to your office and spend a day and a half teaching you everything that I know about ozone. I want your whole team to understand the immense value of ozone in dentistry. This is an amazing tool that actually lets us address and reduce our patients’ disease states. We have been taught to amputate tissues when they are diseased. With ozone, we are able to disinfect oral areas of dysfunction or infection and return the area to close to normal health.

My Services

I bring along all the necessary ozone equipment that you will need to implement ozone therapies in your office. I am always available after the course by phone or email to answer any questions that might arise when you are treating your patients.